How Much Of A Fighter Are You?

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You're A Lover Not A Fighter
You're anything but a fighter. You'd much rather be friendly with someone than to get into a fight with them. You are willing to work out your differences if it means keeping yourself out of trouble.

You Have More Flight Than Fight In You
You may say that you are ready to take on someone in a fight, but when trouble comes around you are more likely to run and hide than to face your opponent. There's nothing wrong with not being able to fight, so long as you can run faster than the other guy.

You Have As Much Fight In You As A Pro
You can fight with the best of them, and you're wiling to do it, too. You are as tough as they come, and you'll take on any fighter that comes your way. You may start a few of the fights, but who's counting? You have all the energy and strength that you need to defeat anyone who tries to put you to the test.

You Have A Little Fight In You
You can fight if you have to, but that doesn't mean that you want to get into many fights. You'll avoid conflict when you can, but you are sure to stand your ground when you can't avoid it. Hopefully, people will know not to mess with you, or else they'll be in for an unpleasant surprise.

You Can Fight With Words But Not Fists
When you get in trouble, your best bet is to try to confuse your opponent. You might be able to throw down some solid insults, but it's not likely that you would be able to throw down any solid punches. Physical fights just aren't for you.