Who Is Your Ideal Woman?

Are you more drawn to human Barbie dolls or women who are good with babies? Take this quiz to find out who your ideal woman is.


Here are all the results with descriptions

An Actress/Model/Pop Star
You are drawn to fascinating women. Beauty certainly matters to you but it isn't enough. You also need someone talented and charismatic. Someone who walks into a room on starlight. You don't mind competing for her attention.

A Businesswoman
You are drawn to smart, ambitious women. And, like the rest of us, you are also drawn to money and the things it can buy. Your ideal woman is likely an entrepreneur of some sort. Someone who isn't afraid to take risks or work hard. You want a woman who gets back up again as soon as life knocks her down.

A Doctor
For you, there is nothing sexier than a woman who can save your life or someone else's. Forget evening gowns and fancy lingerie ' you're turned on by a woman in scrubs. You want someone capable and confident. Someone who knows exactly what to do in a crisis. You want a woman who will kiss your boo-boos and then bandage them right up!

An Intellectual/Academic
What part of a woman's body turns you on the most? Why, her mind, of course! You want a woman who thinks. For you, there's nothing sexier than fascinating conversation. Unless it's a good book

A Trophy Wife
When it comes to women, physical appearance is extremely important to you. You want a woman who is naturally beautiful and unnaturally well-kept. You also want a woman who doesn't have a lot of other interests. You want to be the center of your romantic partner's world. And you are willing to pay handsomely for the attention!

The Motherly Type
With you, family comes first. You probably idolize your own mother. And when it comes to potential romantic partners, you want a woman who is intelligent and sexy, of course, but you are also looking for qualities that would make her a great mother. You're looking forward to having children as soon as possible and you want someone who feels the same way. You want someone kind, empathetic, and nurturing.