Who Are You At The Beach?

Answer our questions to find out who you are at the beach!


Here are all the results with descriptions

the Muscly Stud
You are an outgoing and fitness-focused stud! You use any chance you can to tone and work your muscles, and people get a kick out of seeing you, so you enjoy doing it at the beach too!

the Suntanning Babe
You feel your best with a sun-kissed, even glow to your skin, so when you're at the beach it's work time! Of course you love that working on a tan is all about relaxation and laying around, so you make the most of your time, feeling effortlessly happy as everyone splashes in the waves around you.

the Playful Kid
You are as ligtht-hearted and full of wonder as a kid at the beach. You get out there any time you can, and could play for hours in the surf, catching crabs, building sand-castles, and getting tired out the old fashioned way.

the Drunken Bro
You are a party person, drinking with your friends is the most fun thing you can picture, and being at the beach or the bar it's no difference! There's something so amazing to you about being in the sun, splashing in the waves, and all the while getting your party on!

the Guitar-Strumming Poet
You love Mother Earth and all her gifts, so whenever you get the chance you take time to appreciate it. Being at the sea is meditative for you, so you could sit out there all day staring at the horizon with the sand between you toes, watching for whales or dolphins off the shore.

the Cautious Parent
You tend to worry a bit and imagine all the things that could wrong in a situation, so you are always on guard when out in a wide open spot like the beach. You tough it out because you know that everyone enjoys it, but you would be happy to keep beach visits to a minimum.