What To Bring To An Interview?

This is a short quiz about what to take to an interview. There are a few things that you can take that will ensure you're always prepared.Take this quiz to find out what you should take.

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A notepad
You should take a notepad to an interview. You love being prepared. With a notepad handy you will be able to jot down key information when necessary. Some employers don't always have a business card handy, so a notepad will do the trick for writing down an email address or physical address.

Practiced answers
You should take practiced answers and stories with you to an interview. Rehearse in the mirror. Jot down interview questions and look in the mirror to answer them. There are a few questions that you can always be prepared for, such as tell us about yourself. It's your opportunity to brag on your good characteristics as a worker.

You should take a list of references with you. Sometimes employers would like for you to fill out an application before or after you interview. Your previous supervisors and coworkers love your work ethic, so having a list readily available would be perfect for you.

Copies of your resume
You should take copies of your resume with you. You land decent opportunities once you actually take the time to apply for a job. Decent opportunities usually have more than one person interviewing you. Be prepared to have a copy of your resume available for three to five people.

You should have questions in mind when going to an interview. When you ask questions, it shows that you are genuinely interested in the job and/or company. What's a typical day on the job? Is there opportunity for growth? Be sure to research the company and have questions in mind.

Bottled water
You are an extremely hard worker. You should take a bottle of water with you to an interview considering that you probably are about to head to work or just got off before the interview. You might even work in a factory or outdoors.