French Food Quiz

Wondering if you know all there is to know about French food? Think you have a handle on it? Think again! Put it to the test with this tricky quiz and prove it!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

No Knowledge of French Food
You know absolutely nothing about French food. You likely haven't been to a French restaurant, an authentic one, ever. And you certainly aren't one to get into the kitchen and try making your own French food.

Poor Knowledge of French Food
You know very little about French food. Whatever little facts you know, someone else has told you, and for some reason or another, you just happen to remember. Nothing special there. But you could turn this around, if you wanted.

Passable Knowledge of French Food
You know enough about French food to hold your own a lot of the time, but it's nothing jaw-dropping. You could build on that knowledge and really become an expert if you just read more, watched more documentaries, and cooked more.

Good Knowledge of French Food
You know a lot about French food! Maybe you watch a lot of French food documentaries, or follow French recipes in your own kitchen? Whatever it is, it's working, so keep doing it! You could be an expert.

Super Expert Knowledge of French Food
Okay, so you're an expert. You know a lot about French food. You probably read a lot about it online, collect French food cookbooks, and watch documentaries and cooking shows. Maybe you make your own Madeleines and croissants?