What Type Of Dragon Are You?

If you were a dragon, what kind would you be? You can be one of six types. Just take this quiz and answer a few questions to find out.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Fire dragon
You are a very straightforward person. You have a lot of creative ideas. Your power is special, and can be used for good and bad. You can see when people are hurt or in pain, and always have the right words for the situation. You think about what you are about to say long before you say it. You are known for your inteligent words.

Water dragon
You are a pretty cheerful person. You like a lot of things. You power can be used to help creatures thrive around you, giving you more allies.

Dream dragon
You are extremely cheerful. You are creative and uncommon. You are original and love new things. You see no evil in the world, and believe that everyone has a reason. Your power allows you to read minds and enter dreams to alter them.

Dark dragon
You are very dark. Your mind is a cloud with over a million good roasts for people if they try to talk to you. People tend to avoid you because of your pure awesomeness. Your power can change peoples feelings around you, and your power is normally evil. You can be rude, but normally try to do it in a joking way. Most people look up to you, but are too afraid of your ravishly good looks to do so.

Earth dragon
You love nature, and are in the middle of most things. You are calm, but your patience has its limits. when people pass the line, you are a loud voice, that the whole world can see. You are special and people look up to you as a good person. Although you have plenty of evil moments.

Air dragon
You prefer to be alone, but enjoy your close friends. You love the thought of freedom, and like to try new things. You are 1 in a million, make that 8 billion. You are special, and people recognized that from you. You are a natural leader, and can take charge when times are hard. Your power allows you to see all around you. You can help and hurt. You have the hawks eye, and see things that most people don't notice.