What To Cook For A Date?

Dating is always a fun topic. One would agree over the years the dating scene has changed drastically? Do people even still go on dates? If they do, are they on their phone the whole time?Why not switch is up and cook for someone on a date, right?

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You would not cook
You are not a cook. You do not know your way around a kitchen at all. Therefore, on a date there is no way in the world that you would cook for someone. You would just rather take them to a nice restaurant that way you don't have to fumble around the kitchen.

Order food and claim you cooked it
Your date has told you how they like a good home cooked meal, but you can't cook. Instead of disappointing your date you would order a full meal from your local soul food restaurant and pass it off as your own. If it works you will have a funny story one day.

Oven food
You are a broke college student, you don't have much money to spend on food so you will be not cooking anything fancy. Tonight you guys will watch a movie and eat something that you can pop in the oven, and they will understand because they are in the same boat.

Wings and finger foods
Your date just so happens to be coming to your super bowl party. So today wings and other finger foods will be on the menu. It's not traditional but they are a huge sports fan and they have heard that your parties are legendary so this will be fun.

Both of you have talked about how you love breakfast, so you thought it would be a great idea to cook all of you all's favorite breakfast foods for the date. This should be a wonderful meal since you already know that they love breakfast.

Gourmet meal
You are one of the top chefs in your city, so when you go on a date and decide to cook instead of going out, you go all out on the meal. You will pull out all of the stops and make a meal that they will not soon forget.