How Emotional Are You?

Do you find yourself getting teary-eyed over anything or are you a stone-cold stoic? Find out how emotional you are by answering the questions in this quiz!

Tags: Personality, Emotions, Feelings

Here are all the results with descriptions

a cry baby!
You are definitely someone who is deeply affected by everyday stimuli. Whether you've just watched a sappy rom-com or you just can't get over how beautiful that sunset was, you're not afraid to shed a tear over anything.

a little sensitive!
It doesn't take much to set you off emotionally. However, it takes a little bit more than a sad film to really stir your emotions. It's really the pain and suffering of others at large that gets to you.

pretty balanced emotionally!
You find yourself getting emotionally from time to time, but you don't make it a habit to have a good long cry very often. However, that doesn't stop you from tearing up a little during particularly moving moments.

very reserved emotionally!
When the heat gets too intense, you're definitely one to get out of the kitchen. You're not one to dwell on things and you tend to hold back from getting caught up in highly emotional situations. You also are not one to have emphatic displays of emotions in public.

a true stoic!
You absorb the good and the bad, and display little to no emotion regardless of the situation. You consider getting highly emotional over situations to be a true waste of time, and opt instead to maintain a hard exterior and a cool demeanor.

totally unbothered!
Not only are you not emotional, nothing seems to both you! Ever! It's clear you let things roll off your back and aren't one to get emotionally invested and involved in much of anything. You would much rather spend your energy on other things.