Is Your Relationship Over?

Wondering if your relationship is really over? Or if it's finally hit that point where things start getting real, and the rose tinted glasses come off? Take the quiz and find out!

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Is Your Relationship Over?

5. How long have you two been dating?

Over a year. Over two years. Over three years.

6. When you two achieve resolution on an issue, do you go back and revisit it later? Does that issue keep coming back time and time again?

Yes Not anymore. We figured out how to keep the past behind us. ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Completely Over (So Sorry)
You and your partner have been arguing, getting frustrated with each other, making big deals out of small, petty nonsense. And frankly, it's been taking a toll. Maybe things haven't been okay for a while, but you've ignored it, or denied it, and tried to piece everything back together as best as you can. But it's just not working, and it won't ever work, because the relationship is over. It's a tough spot to be, but we've all been there and come out alive. Promise. So sorry.

Ready for The Real Deal, But Failing
So you are ready for the next phase in your relationship. It always goes like this: two people meet, wind up dating, have a blast for a few months to a year and a half, and then start arguing a lot. You're at that point, and it's make or break time. The bad news here is that although you're both in love and capable of making it work, the situations lately have been pulling you two apart quite a bit. You're currently failing, but you can turn it around and have the real deal if you try!

Ready for The Real Deal, And Winning
After a while, every couple starts to argue quite a bit. But after all the arguing, if that couple survives, they hit that point where they're just solid and happy together. They know how to handle arguments, and avoid them, really. Things become smooth sailing, with two people who know how they work best together. You are headed to that point, so congratulations! You're on your way to happy stability. Just hang in there and keep working toward resolutions. Be compassionate, it helps.