Am I Really Active?

Are you curious about how active you are compared to others? We can help and determine what level you are at by answering these few simple questions right now!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Not Active At All.
If there were a picture of a couch potato in the dictionary, that's where we would see your face. There's nothing in your life that puts you on the active scale. It doesn't get anymore inactive than this. You may want to consider some changes.

Not Very Active.
You do the minimal amount of activity just to get through your day. You will sit and watch the same terrible show for two hours instead of getting up to get the remote. It's time to get yourself moving!

Kind Of Active.
There are some things that you do that make you kind of active. You haven't quite reached even average activeness yet though. You should probably consider a walk here and there or maybe a trip to the gym.

Pretty Active.
You are at about the average range of active. You probably work out a few times a week and talk the stairs instead of the elevator. You're doing okay, but there's always room for more! Try and come up with a few hobbies that will get you moving!

Very Active.
Everything you do revolves around being active pretty much. You haven't reached the highest level as of right now, but we can bet that you could easily do it. Head out for a daily adventure and you'll be right at the top! We just wish that we had your energy!

Extremely Active!
You can't get any more active than what you are right now. You are on the go from the time your feet hit the floor in the morning until you finally make yourself go to bed. Just remember to kick back and relax once in a while. However you may enjoy doing that. Probably going for a run.