Who Are You Not To Be?

The first step in knowing who you actually are is knowing who you are not to be. Take this quiz and you can discover exactly who you are not meant to be.

Tags: Personality, Living, Thoughts

Here are all the results with descriptions

A Writer
Writing does not suit your passions and does not satiate your creativity. You prefer to express yourself in other manners such as through singing or dance. Not to mention you hate sitting around and pouring thoughts into words.

A Parent
Children are just not in the cards for you. You'd prefer to spend your life traveling and meeting new people. Having children is just not something that appeals to you or your lifestyle in any which way.

A Professional
It's not that you won't have a job it's just that a suit and tie job is just not for you. You could never truly be yourself or be happy living that sort of 9-5 weeks. Having money, but having to live that life is just not worth it to you.

You prefer to blend into the background and while you are wonderful and amazing being on stage is just so not for you. You have other ways to express your many talents and getting up in front of people is just not it.

You love your independence and could not picture yourself settling down with just one person. You want to be free to live your life in any way that you see fit and then to change it on a whim just because.

People see you in a certain light and what to hold you in a certain way but you refuse to let them. You are a free spirit who believes in themselves and will not be held down or held back because someone decided that you should be. No thanks, you're going to kill it in whatever you pursue.