Am I Prudent?

Are you completely prudent or totally reckless? You're probably somewhere in between. Take this quiz and find out. To not take it wouldn't be prudent!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Totally reckless!
You don't give one single solitary thought to the future when you act! If you visited the Grand Canyon you'd be one of those people that take a picture with one foot hanging off the side. Start thinking about how to be prudent and give your future more security.

A little reckless
You dance on the border of recklessness. At times you can force yourself to be prudent but it doesn't happen often enough. Stop being careless and start building more security for your future. Even a little prudency can keep you out of trouble!

Carefree but responsible
You are neither prudent nor reckless. You straddle the line between the two. Most of the time you can act responsibly, but you also know when it's okay to let loose a little - as long as it's not a threat to life and limb, anyway.

You have gone above and beyond just being responsible. You are prudent. Always having your eye on the future means that you can avoid pitfalls and recognize opportunities more clearly. You will go far in life because you are prudent!

TOO Prudent
You know, it' s not prudent to be TOO prudent. Even if that does border on being an oxymoron. The thing is, you try so hard to be prudent that you don't have enough fun or take enough risks. You could lose out on good opportunities!