What Cat Am I?

Find out what type of cat you are! Are you playful? Intelligent? Sneaky? Cuddly? Everybody wants to be a cat, so learn which type of cat you really are!

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3. Pick a priority.

Friends. Family. Fun.

4. What would you do with a million dollars?

Give it away. Spend it! Put it in the bank.

5. What's the secret to true love?

Communication. Romance. Unselfishness.

6. What's your favorite holiday?

Christmas. Easter. Halloween. ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Russian Blue!
You're totally unique, with gray fur that looks almost blue, big foxy ears, and kind green eyes. You're shy and gentle, with a playful personality and high intelligence levels. You're the perfect pet!

Persian Cat!
You're the height of pretty and fluffy. Whether you're black, cream, blue, or one of the other Persian cat colors, you're a gorgeous kitty. You've got long fur, a regal expression, and you make a wonderful friend.

Siamese Cat!
You've got a pretty, dark face and big green eyes. You're sleek and slender, and you're known for your intelligence and strong will! Any cat lover knows you by your distinctive markings: you look like a royal cat from Ancient Egypt.

Maine Coon!
You're a gorgeous, elegant kitty, with a large fluffy tail and long fur. You're a big cat, very smart, and your appearance is prized for your unique coat and tall, perky fox ears. You make a great friend!

Munchkin Cat!
You're too cute for words! You might not be able to make the big jumps that other cats can, but your tiny little self and cute waddle more than make up for it. You're diminutive, fluffy, and the best at making people say, 'Aww!'

British Short-Hair!
You're sleek and you're cuddly, and you've got big, adorable eyes. Who can resist those big round saucer eyes, with the yellow rim? Your fur isn't long, but it's soft and perfect for being a snuggle buddy.