Could I Be A Model?

A handful of thoughtful questions that will determine your ability to work the runway. Some will be shocked by their results. Others will merely prove to themselves what they knew all along.

Tags: Woman, Modeling, Fashion, Style

Here are all the results with descriptions

Supermodel Material
The truth is, you've got this modeling this in the bag and you knew it all along. You just love proving it to yourself again and again. Your work will speak for itself. Get out there and strut your stuff!

An Average Choice For A Model
You might not be the next supermodel on the runway, but you're well on your way to a fashionable career in modeling that will serve you well. Keep striving hard to meet those goals, whether it's weight loss or hair extensions, as they won't steer you wrong.

A Hand And Foot Model
Hey, somebody's gotta do it! So what if you never grace the cover of a magazine. Your hands and feet will be seen by thousands while you're cashing checks for the same. Your resume doesn't need to specify what part of your body is doing the modeling. Neither does your social media page.

Not Quite There Yet
We don't want to discourage you from chasing after your dreams, but if you have another dream, you might want to turn in that direction. Modeling doesn't appear to be in the cards for you and you'll only find yourself heartbroken after each audition.

Better Suited For Something Else
Modeling is not in your future. Move on. Preferably off the runway. You won't be getting any call backs. Agencies won't want you on their team. There will be no second interviews. Your time is better spent somewhere else, darling.