Halloween Trivia

Halloween is just around the corner! Pumpkin spice and candy corn are starting to appear, so why not test dive into Halloween right now with a Halloween Trivia quiz?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Have never celebrated Halloween
You don't know anything about Halloween, do you? You do know you can trick people into giving you candy right? And there are parties! With cake, funny costumes, more candy, and sherbet punch served in cauldrons. If you get invited, go!

Don't know much about Halloween
We can probably be sure that you're not Goth. Your knowledge of Halloween is very limited. Get in the spirit this year by reading some ghost stories from the past, or traditional Halloween favorites like The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. If you don't like to read, rent the movie!

Know if but don't love it
You have an average knowledge of Halloween and Halloween trivia. You've heard a few origin stories, you were into it as a kid, but that's about where it ended. Now you wonder if you should flip on your porch light this year and give out candy.

Know a lot about Halloween
You know more than the average person about Halloween. You still get just a bit of a thrill when you see the candy hit the shelves or get your first whiff of fall spices. You know, it's never to early to get into the Halloween spirit!

Know EVERYTHING about Halloween!
You must LOVE Halloween. It is probably your absolute favorite holiday. Are there Halloween decorations all over your house? Some that never get put away because they're just too awesomely cute and creepy? Happy Halloween!