Should I Adopt A Dog?

Wondering if you should finally adopt a dog? Well, hold your horses there a second! Adopting a dog takes time, effort, money and research. Plenty to prep for. Are you ready?

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Adopt ASAP!
You should totally adopt a new dog! Go to a shelter and pick out a new best buddy! You have the space for a new pet, you have the time, and you even have a lot of the toys and entertainment picked out. You've done all the research and the thinking and debating. And now it's time!

Wait to Adopt
You want a pet right away, but there are a few things to consider. Like for instance, your schedule, or lack of space. A dog needs room to run around, even indoors, not just the lawn. And they need attention, which means time with you, to bond. If you're always out... maybe now isn't the time.

Adopt, But Maybe Not A Dog...
Seriously, we get it: dogs are awesome. But you're not really a dog person. You're more of an introvert, someone who likes their space, and relishes in not having to go out for a walk every single day. You don't want a pet that demands so much time and effort. So,... why not get a cat?