What Type of Bread Am I?

Wondering what type of bread you really are? That's a fair question. Even a delicious one. And that means it must be answered as quickly and effectively as possible!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You're well-liked by everyone, because whoever somehow doesn't like you, is probably the world's most miserable person ever. Not to mention, you're super versatile! You pair well with most everyone, capable of getting along with people who don't even have anything in common with you. That's impressive!

Honey Wheat Black Bread
You're like a treat. You're the person who will go off on adventures, on trips, or just go M.I.A. for a while being busy with work and all. So you're not always around your loved ones. BUT. When you are... everyone can't wait to catch up with you. Everyone gets so excited that you're around! Because you're so awesome!

You're fancy pants, and you know it. You are the person who creates amazing cheese boards for get-together with friends and family. You drink wine, never beer. And you're always somehow putting out extra delicious foreign chocolate truffles or something during events. You dress all fancy, your hair is always done... Even your house robe resembles a gown!

You're the person who is so sweet, that you're amazingly loved in small doses. Not because people can't stand you, but because they start feeling bad about themselves if they're with you for a super long time. But can you blame them? They really like you and can't help but compare themselves to you. You're exciting, vibrant, unexpected, interesting. And most people just pale in comparison.

You're either a southern belle, or a southern gentleman. You know how to treat others with respect, you carry yourself in a light, carefree, but polite manner, and you certainly aren't stuffy. You know how to have fun, and be the life of the party, but you're also very much the leader of the household as well. People love you for being so fun to be around, yet sensible and serious when need be.