What Career Should I Pursue?

Find a career that matches your likes, dislikes, and interests. Take this fun personality quiz now. Don't take the results too seriously as this is not a scientifically accurate test.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Motivational Speaker
You are highly optimistic about things in life and believe in leading a de-stressed and happy life. Community service is always on your list. You like to do your bit by helping others and try to change and mould people's mind. You are always enthusiastic and emotional about the wrong happenings in society. These qualities guide you to pursue the profession of a Motivational Speaker.

You are hilarious, your sarcasm is on point. Your meme game is strong and you feel a sense of responsibility towards your society. This is the trendiest profession but very demanding and competitive. You will receive life death threats on your humour. You are guessing it right, you can become a comedian in future if you work harder and are more creative.

Political Analyst
You are the master of blame game. You love hypocrisy from the bottom of your heart. You cannot let go being the center of attention and pass unnecessary but most importantly illogical comments. You like criticising and analysing things to the utmost detail. Looks like you have a very bright future in politics.

Data Scientist
You are an introvert, someone who likes a close and small group of friends. you are a no-party person and like to spend your time in solitude. Your technical skills and knowledge is in no comparison with your socialising skills. Hone these set of skills and you might be set to become a data scientist. Mind you, this is one of the coolest professions of today's age.

You are money minded and a social person. You are quick to calculate risks and like to invest your time to people who matter and are profitable. You year for constant growth and success. You can be diplomatic when needed. You also enjoy building things from scratch and leading teams. March with that confidence as you inherit the traits of an entrepreneur!