What Country Should I Live In?

If you're looking to live abroad or simply wondering what life would be like if you lived in another country, dive into this fun and worldly quiz to find out where you would live!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You long for rich experiences and Austria is full of them. Whether you're there for the history, the culture, or the stunning landscapes, you're certain to adore the beautiful living of Austria. This is the perfect country for you artistic soul.

You want an adventurous life, filled with extreme natural beauty, extreme challenges, and extremely delicious food. You should head to Chile home of giant desserts, glaciers, and everything from wine tasting to sand boarding.

You want to live the sweet life. You want strolls with lovers, long delicious dinners with your family, tapas with friends, and of course the occasional siesta. If you can stand hot summers, Spain is the perfect country for you to have it all.

You have a certain idea of how life should be, and that life happens to match perfectly with life in Japan. A country that is known for uber-efficiency but also has plenty of room for quirky play, Japan is certain to fulfill all of your lifestyle needs.

You are happy to have a quiet, calm, and sometimes nippy life. You should move to England where you can revel in a quaint lifestyle, hear all the English accents you want, and comfort yourself in pub comfort food.

Costa Rica
Pura Vida, you should live in Costa Rica! In case you don't know yet, pura vida means 'pure life'. This is exactly what you'll get in Costa Rica, a country full of beautiful nature, wildlife, and sustainable living. Soak it all up!