How To Flirt With A Girl?

Wondering how to flirt with a girl? Well, it's time to go ahead and figure it out! And to make things easy, we're here to help you out. We'll tell you what to change up!

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Get the Confidence to Ask For A Number
You do everything right. You look over, look away. . . look over and smile a little, and wait for the smile back. You also know how to read a look. If she's just shy or not interested. Or very interested. But see, you have one major problem. Even though you may stand there and flirt for five minutes straight, you walk away without asking for a number. Stop lacking confidence. She was flirting back. Take that as a greenlight, because it is.

You're Being Creepy, And It Needs to Stop
You follow girls around in stores, girls you don't even know. You show up in the aisles they're shopping in, and then literally walk behind them, following them. Or you stare and stare and stare, making them super uncomfortable. This is not flirting. This is creepy behavior, and this is why you're having a hard time landing a date. Instead, when you see a girl in an aisle, try glancing (not staring), and then glance again and smile. If she smiles back, she likes you a little.

Stop Being So Awkward
So you're a little awkward. You flirt, but then get nervous and the awkwardness slips out. Like maybe you're in the middle of talking to a girl and you suddenly need to go, or you're super shakey, or you say weird things in the moment. And it all stems from just being super uncomfortable and nervous. So, it's one of two things: you need to find someone who makes you feel comfortable, and you need to try and calm down yourself. Try meditation, exercise, or confidence exercises.

Stop Being A Clueless Puppy
You're a funny, friendly person by nature. That means when you ask someone about a product in a store, you crack a joke or two. You may even tell a story about using the product. But you're not flirting. It's just you being nice. And you do it with both men and women, so you know it's nothing weird. BUT single women could misinterpret this. The only thing missing is you asking them questions about their likes and dislikes. Something about them. The minute you do that, you're showing interest.