Girlfriend Quiz

Wondering if you're a good girlfriend? It's time to stop wondering and questioning! Take this quiz to get the ultimate truth, so you know what you may need to work on.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

The Best Girlfriend Ever
You are versatile, interesting, dynamic, fun, energetic, understanding, kind, accepting, loving and most of all, just a joy to be around. You don't sweat the small stuff, which means you choose your battles wisely. But that doesn't mean you don't have a backbone or non-negotiables. It just means you're not about to get dramatic for no reason. Whoever dates you is lucky to have you, and really dumb if they don't appreciate you. You're loyal and love hard, so you want the same in return!

A Great Girlfriend
You are a great girlfriend! You surprise your boo with gifts and special events, you're always there to lend a hand or ear, and you're very fun to be around. Dating you is guaranteed to be the most fun experience ever. But there's a catch: you've been underappreciated before, so you have a bit of baggage. It creeps out every so often, with some doubts, and some questions. Maybe try to fix your inner demons by yourself? It's your issue, not your partner's.

A Decent Girlfriend
You try your hardest, but you're also quick to justify bad behavior. This means that you know you shouldn't accuse your partner without hard evidence, but you often do anyway. And then you justify that with 'Well, you did X, so it made me think you did Y. Because that makes sense! ' Maybe try to assume less, and hear more? It would solve the glaring issue. Otherwise, you're a pleasure to be around, because you're so interesting and creative. Focus on shining a light on that instead!

A Psycho Girlfriend. . . But You Can Change
So. . . you can change. But right now, you're the girl who thinks her partner is cheating, looking around at other people, hiding things, keeping secrets, talking to other people, flirting, etc. And. . . well, if you keep up acting psycho, you're going to push your partner away. They may not cheat, but they will leave, having decided you're not worth the constant arguing and trouble. Trust us, if he/she was cheating, you would JUST KNOW. It's impossible to not feel it in your bones. So, relax!