What Will I Look Like In 20 Years?

A fun quiz that ask a series of questions that will show you what you might look like in twenty years? This quiz will give you an idea of what you are going to look like.

Here are all the results with descriptions

Completely grey
You have been going grey for some time now, so it is not a far fetched idea that in the next twenty years you will be completely grey. Not to mention this is common in your family. People tend to go grey early.

Bad wrinkled skin
You sat out in the sun often plenty of people tell you that this can not be good for your skin but you do not listen. You are more concerned about getting a good tan than you are with the condition of your skin.

You like to eat and you like to eat a lot. You are not a big person right now but at the pace that you are eating that could change easily. You are told that you need to eat a lot better than what you do or you will be in bad shape.

Smaller than current size
You are not a big person right now but you do not like your size so you are always working on losing weight. You have an issue with your size so this forces you to always stress about how big you are.

Great body
You are a true gym rat, you love to work out, you even help train a few people. You don't workout because you want to have the perfect body but rather because you just love exercising. This has lead to you having awesome body.

Still youthful looking
You have been blessed with awesome genetics. People have always complemented you on how young you look, and you do not use any products to make you look younger. So this means you have great genetics.