Things To Do Before You Die

Wondering what you should strive to do before you die? Well, then this quiz is the perfect solution! Answer the questions and receive a very insightful answer!

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Start Your Own Business, Finally
You've been talking and thinking about it for years, but it's been way too daunting! So, why not start small? You only have one life to live, so do it. Invest as little as you can, start selling one item or service, and build from there. Remember, the key to success is your marketing. And quality! Read more >>

Something Crazy, Like Bungee Jumping
You've been dying to do something crazy that you'll remember forever. You don't want to die knowing you never got around to putting your money where your mouth is, so go ahead and take that skydiving lesson, or go bungee jumping! Something! Read more >>

Fall In Love. . . For Real
You've made it this far in life without actually falling in love! Whoa! You have to get on that right away, because there is no life fully lived that is complete without love. Even if your heart gets broken, even if it doesn't go how you want it to, it will forever be the most beautiful thing to ever have happened to you. Read more >>

Travel the World
You've been dying to quit your job and leave it all behind, so do it. You only have one life, so go travel the world! Sustain yourself by doing some odd jobs along the way, to earn food and shelter, before moving on to the next state, country, or even continent. By the time you get back, you'll be a whole new person. Read more >>

Finish A Journal
It may sound simple, but that's just your style. You understand the meaning of the little things, and this one isn't lost on you at all. A journal is filled with life details, memories you'd sooner forget, and nonsense that you can look back on and laugh. It can even help make life choices. So finish that journal! Read more >>