What To Read Next?

If you're looking for something new to read or want to start reading in general but don't know where to start, this quiz will help determine what book is right for you.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

A Memoir
You should read a memoir! Dive into the world of real life stories that are completely captivating whether you pick up the book of someone you've always admired or grab a copy of an insane real life story. A few recommendations include 'Hunger' by Roxane Gay or 'This Boy's Life' by Tobias Wolff.

Magical Realism
You love to escape, to imagine, and to wonder. The most amazing way to do this is through reading and more specifically through reading magical realism! Pick up some Gabriel Garcia Marquez or grab a copy of 'Like Water For Chocolate'.

A Play
You love human interactions (and a bit of drama). Nothing excites you more than life unfolding itself before your eyes, read a play to experience a sensory focused read. Try 'A Raisin in the Sun' or some Tennessee Williams.

You adore words for words. You're a bit of a romantic and a bit of a cynic. You feel deeply and feel understood when others express similar feelings. Read 'An American Lyric' by Claudia Rankine or Sesshu Foster's 'City Terrace Field Manuel'.

Contemporary Literature
You are everything a reader should be- intelligent, witty, empathetic, and interesting. Dive into some contemporary literature to fulfill all of your reading dreams, whether you opt for 'A Visit From the Goon Squad' by Jennifer Egan or 'Between a Wolf and a Dog' by Georgia Blain.

You should read some genre, you have plenty of choices like horror, fantasy, Sci-fi, mystery, and romance. You are a speed reader who wants to delve into entirely new worlds and reading genre works is the perfect way to do this.