Words That Describe Me

A short quiz that will determine what words describe you the best. This quiz will reveal your inner self and how others may see you on the outside as well.

Tags: Personality, Character-Traits, Word, Nature, Disposition

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are a go getter, you are not the type to settle for status quo. The sky is literally the limit for you, there is nothing that you can not do if you set your mind to it. You will be successful in whatever you do.

You are the type of person that people gravitate to. People love to be around you because they want to feed off your energy, you have been told numerous times that you give off a positive and it is almost infectious.

You are basically a hermit no one knows why you are always down and why you stay to yourself because you will not tell them. You spend so much time in seclusion no has the opportunity to help you out.

You are one of the most optimistic people that your friends and family members know. You are the epitome of a glass half full type mentality. You do not let anything get you down and keep you down. Your motto is life is to short to be upset.

No one is sure why you are so upset at what seems like the world, but you are. You are a very angry person and you have been told by the ones that love you that you need to seek help for your issues before your hurt someone.

Some people are groomed to be leaders, while others are destined for it. You are the latter of the two, you have naturally what most have to learn. People will follow you because they believe in you. You inspire others.