Logic Quiz

Step right up and test your logic with this quiz! Do you think you're a logical person? Or do you think you're illogical? Get ready to find out for sure!

Tags: Personality, Logic, Knowledge

Here are all the results with descriptions

Not logical
Your level of logic is almost zero! You are not really very logical at all. But then, your life might be more interesting because of it. Maybe you have a lot of interesting stories to tell. Sure, you've probably had some scrapes because of your illogical mind, but you've probably made a lot of interesting accidental discoveries too.

Not very logical
The amount of logic you have is just enough to keep you from doing something super illogical. Like following a GPS into a lake. You wouldn't do that. But, you might follow it down a street for ten miles before you accept that it sent you the wrong direction.

Somewhat logical
You operate with the logic of the average person. Sometimes you make mistakes, sometimes you have epiphanies, and sometimes you're just really on your logic game. If you had time to stop and think for a moment, you'd probably make a logical decision.

You are logical to the point that you're more logical than most. But, you're not Spock or Sheldon. You still have those moments when you can be human and throw logic to the wind and follow your emotions. You're probably better off for it!

You are so logical that there is little of you left OTHER than logic. You would do well rooming with Sheldon and Mr. Spock in a college dorm room. Not that any of you need to go back to college. You've had enough. Done. Go have some crazy, wild, illogical fun!