What Country Am I From?

Can we guess based on your answers to the following questions what country you are from? Our only options are Canada, Mexico, United States, Great Britain, or Italy, so if you are from somewhere else, we won't be able to guess.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Canada eh? You certainly have some uniqueness about you, but like most o your compatriots, you love maple syrup, hockey, and the red and white of your flag. The rest of the world respects you for both your enthusiasm for your country and your kindness to everyone else.

Hola, your country is so awesome it has its own cuisine that is served all around the world. With classics like tacos, quesadillas, and burritos, people travel from all over the world to try your food. You know how to dance better than anyone else on this list (except maybe the Italians) and live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The United States
Ah, America. Center of Capitalism and Mcdonald's. You love your food and your sports and take enormous pride in the red white and blue. Most of all, no matter what everyone else says, you truly believe you live in the best country in the world.

Great Britain
Your accent can be spotted from kilometers away. 'bins' 'biscuits' and 'blokes' are three of your most unique phrases, but there is so much more. Your country is steeped in more tradition than just about anywhere else and your pride in King/Queen and Country rivals the best.

The entire world is jealous of your culture. From your food to your arts, Italy has been at the center of world culture for centuries. You've got extremely fine tastes and are very proud of it. You certainly don't need this quiz to reinforce your pride in Italy.

You may not have the most stable government on the planet, but your economy is unrivaled. You are intelligent, industrious, and always willing to work hard to achieve your goals. Most people in the western hemisphere may not realize it, but your culture and history is one of the oldest and your national pride is completely unrivaled.