Am I Spiritual?

Wondering if you're a spiritual person? It's time to stop wondering and truly put your beliefs to the test with this insightful quiz! Maybe you're very spiritual. . . Or not at all!

Tags: Personality, Belief, Religion, Soul, Spirit

Here are all the results with descriptions

Highly Spiritual
You really are a very spiritual person. You recognize yourself in all beings, you trust in life's wisdom, you don't care about being who people think you should be, you embrace adversity, seek truth in all situations, and follow your intuition, among many other things. Congratulations!

Moderately Spiritual
You're moderately spiritual, meaning you're kind of teetering the middle ground. On one hand, you feel at peace in nature, and you try to live as drama free as possible. In fact, you try to think happy thoughts, and you're always at your best when you look up at the night sky in awe. But you're not. . . quite spiritual either. You don't listen to your guided intuition all the time, and you certainly don't embrace adversity.

You don't believe in a soul having a purpose, and you don't believe there's a way off of the emotional roller coaster that is life. More so, you don't like the silence, you don't like to be judged (you fear it and try to avoid it as much as possible), and you always hate that you feel like you have to explain your lifestyle and life choices to others.