What To Cook For Christmas?

A fun quiz that will help you decide what you should cook for Christmas. Some people prefer to switch it up, whereas, others love a plan that isn't broken and just stick with cooking the norm.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Nothing(order a meal)
No one in the house can cook good enough to cook a Christmas dinner, and you all can't afford to go home for the holidays this year. So you all have decided to order your meal from a restaurant that can put together a good Christmas dinner.

Local carribean cusine
This year you guys decided to do something a little outside of the norm for Christmas. As a family you guys decided that you all wanted to spend Christmas this year in the Bahamas. So you will not be cooking you will be enjoying so local food on the island.

Ham dinner
Ham is a traditional meat for Christmas and you guys are a traditional family so this year you all will be eating ham for dinner as usual. You guys love ham in any way it can be prepared so this comes as no surprise to anyone.

Turkey Dinner
Not everyone is crazy about having turkey after Thanksgiving but you all are different, you all could eat turkey all year round. In fact periodically you do just that. So this Christmas you will cooking a turkey.

Meal with no meats
You all are a vegetarian family so the meal that is cooked for Christmas will be comprised of dishes that do not include any meats what's so ever. You all don't invite many over unless they do not eat meat as well.

Pot roast meal
You all try and switch it up every year as to what you will have for Christmas dinner. So this year you all will be having a pot roast with all the fixing for the special meal. Your family loves pot roast and it has been a while since you had it so it should go over very well.