How Old Should You Be To Put On Makeup?

Are you thinking you or your children are old enough for makeup? This quick quiz will help you decide if it's the right time to start wearing makeup or if you should wait.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

at least 12 years old
At the age of twelve, young people are discovering who they are as they get ready to be teenagers. It's essential that they have appropriate avenues to explore and express their freedom of choice and newfound responsibility.

at least 13 years old
Thirteen years old is young to begin wearing makeup, but it's the right age for a mature teenager. It's important to have freedoms and privileges as you get older so you learn to be confident when you face new situations.

at least 14 years old
The perfect age to begin putting on makeup is fourteen years old. Fourteen-year-old youth are mature enough to handle selecting colors and styles of makeup. They will have a fun time exploring this new milestone in their lives.

at least 15 years old
Fifteen years old is the perfect age to begin wearing makeup. Fifteen-year-old youngsters are not so young that makeup looks inappropriate on them, but also they are not so old that they feel behind everyone else enjoying this cool life milestone.

at least 16 years old
Though sixteen may seem pretty old to start wearing makeup, the truth is, you only get one childhood. You will have the rest of your life to be an adult. So enjoy being young while you can and don't rush the milestones by beginning them too early.

whatever age feels right
There's really no set age to wear makeup that is right for everyone. Each child matures at different rates, and the culture around them has an influence on when makeup is appropriate. So just weigh the options for your individual situation and you will make a good decision.