Can We Guess Your True Birth Month?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The month known for scary months and pumpkin spiced everything. This cold, crisp month was meant for you.

This winter month which is known for being the month of love, is the month you were meant to be born in.

The start of summer. These warm balmy days remind you of all the summer adventures to come.

The month that is most highly loved. This month centers all around holiday cheer making it a perfect month for you.

One of the month's known for it's rather abundant showers and also being the month to center around the Easter Bunny.

You got September! A month known for it's back to school season, it also holds the promise of fall.

You got November! A month centered around thanksgiving, this months is all about thankfulness, family and good food.

You got January! The start of the new year, this month holds the promise of a great new year.

You got March! This month marks the start of spring, rain showers and warmer weather.

You got May! The month that marks the end of spring and the start of hotter days to come.

You got July! This month known for the fourth of July, is made just for you and your firecracker self.

You got August! This month marks the end of the summer season and warmer months.