What Color Looks Best On Me?

Finding the right outfit is important, but don't forget to consider what color looks best on you when you select a style. Don't worry; this quiz will help you.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

red, teal, and dark purple
Your colors are red, teal, and dark purple. They are dark, mysterious colors that attract attention with dignity. Try to incorporate one or more of these tones in your main pieces or use them to add a pop of color to a black, white, or tan outfit.

Some people think that neutrals are just boring, white, tan, gray, and beige, but really any color can be a neutral color if you pick the right shade of it. Don't wear neon or harsh colors. Your skin and cut of your clothing are best highlighted with colors that are like a neutral canvass.

autumnal colors
The vibrant and contrasting colors of autumn are the ones that suit you best. Think reds, golds, oranges, browns, and yellows. However, that doesn't mean you need to dress like a pumpkin with head-to-toe burnt orange. But look for these colors in patterns or add them in with your accessories.

jewel tones
The colors for you are rich, vibrant, and natural: emerald green, ruby red, sapphire blue, and so on. In fact, if you have the budget for it, invest in a few statement pieces of jewelry with natural stones.

sea shades
The ocean contains the right colors for you. Don't limit yourself to the green and blue of the water. Remember also the white of the foam, the glittering silver or gold of the moon reflected on the waves, and the pinks and browns that highlight the shells.

crisp contrasts
You look best in contrasting colors. So, whatever main color you are wearing, pick its opposite for your jewelry and accessories. For example, if you are wearing a purple blouse, add a yellow scarf or belt to set your outfit off.