How To Change The Way You Look?

If you've been looking for a new style, but don't know exactly how to go about it, then it's time to take this helpful quiz! Check it out if you want to know the best ways to change up your appearance.

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A Haircut Is Enough
You have your clothing style down pat, your accessories, your makeup, and you know what? You. Look. So. Good. Already. In fact, you're even happy with your weight and body type, because that's what matters the most: being happy with who you are, and what you look like, even in your birthday suit. So what's there to change really? Your hair! It's a simple way to make a huge change when everything else is already handled.

It's As Simple As A Makeup Overhaul
You have your clothing style down, your hair is gorgeous, and your accessories are amazing. And you're even happy with your weight and body type too, because that's the most important thing: being happy with yourself even while naked! But your makeup does need work, and that's okay! You have everything else down, now it's time to change up that makeup routine. Start by finding your skin type, then try the right products.

Your Wardrobe Has GOT to Change
You have an amazing personality, your hair and makeup is on point, and you're super happy with your weight and your body type. Self-acceptance and love is key here, as it should be! But you know what needs to change? Your clothes. They used to be you, but you've changed so much in the last year alone, gone through so many changes, and accomplished so much, that. . . they're just not you anymore! You've grown as a person, so your clothes need to reflect the new you.

You Should Get Fit, But Not For the Reasons You Think
Let it be known: people should primarily be happy with their own weight. That's ultimately what matters. You want to be healthy, obviously, but you also need to feel good, feel sexy, in your own skin, no matter what. And if you don't feel that, then it is a bright idea to lose some weight. You look good already, but you could look better once that self-confidence gets checked and improved. And you'll get that confidence boost by changing something that's currently making you feel inadequate.

You Need the Most Overhauls Of Overhauls
You are a special case in that you've gone from one end of the spectrum, to the other, entirely. Over the past year or two, you've changed so much as a person, changed your entire life, that now your hair, makeup, clothing, everything is just. . . . stuck in time. It's no longer who you are. And so, you need a massive overhaul. You need to figure out what your style is, and fully go into that. Cut your hair, do your nails, find your go-to makeup looks, and figure out what clothing makes you shine.