What Was Your Past Life According To Your Personality?

Ever wonder about past lives? Specifically, where you came from? What if part of the reason you are who you are today is because of who you were then. Take this quiz to find out just who that was.

Here are all the results with descriptions

A World War II Pilot
Your past life includes a rich history that most would find quite intriguing. You had to battle hard to spare yourself during the War. It wasn't easy on your soul to value your own life over that of others, and that may be why you tend to be so sacrificial now.

A Witch
Were you really a witch? It's hard to say, but you were at least accused of being one, which may mean you had an untimely and very inhumane death. The Witch Trials were a dark time in history that no one likes to look back on, but it might help you to better understand who you are now if you do.

The Opposite Gender
There's no telling what you did with your life in the past, but one thing is for sure, you weren't the same gender you are now. Perhaps you're a woman with a strong and dominant nature that most accuse of trying to be a woman in a man's world a little too much. Or maybe you're that guy that weeps during romantic comedies. Either way, it looks like it stems from somewhere you probably weren't expecting.

A Religious Leader
Despite what path you find yourself on or off of in his life, your past life dictates a strong belief in a former faith. It's hard to say what faith that was, but it's quite evident you were good at leading others onto the same path.

A Healer
You were a medicine man/woman in your past life. It's in your nature to take care of others and help them heal. This is why you are so maternal/paternal and why friends and family flock to you for support, good health and advice.

A Mother/Father
Your biggest pursuit and passion in your past life was none other than parenthood. You were ahead of your time. You knew the importance of not letting a baby cry it out and tending to a child's needs in the same manner that you would an adult's, with respect and patience.