Sissy Quiz

Are you a sissy? Probably not, but you can't be perfectly certain without taking this entertaining and honest sissy quiz. Let's get started right now!


Here are all the results with descriptions

definitely a sissy
Well, there's no doubt anymore. You are definitely a sissy. Sissies are weak, overly timid, or cowardly people who don't stand up for themselves. You are going to have make some changes in your personality because being a sissy isn't that cool.

possibly a sissy
There's still doubt whether you are a sissy, but the results of the quiz weren't conclusive. You have lots of characteristics that make you seem like a sissy, but some others don't fit the mold. Still, you are more on the sissy side than not!

probably not a sissy
You don't seem to be a sissy, but the results of the quiz weren't conclusive. You don't have a lot of timid or wimpy characteristics , but you have a few qualities that indicate you lack courage in certain respects.

half sissy
You are not completely a sissy, only about half. Really, you are a sissy when it comes to certain things, but in other ways you are courageous and strong. If you want to be more courageous, work on building your self-confidence.

almost a sissy
You are skating on thin ice, buddy! You are very, very close to becoming a sissy. You are going to have to work on building up your courage and leaving some of your timid ways behind if you don't want to go over the edge.

definitely not a sissy
You can stop worrying because the answer is definite: You are no sissy! You may be timid, but that doesn't mean you are a coward. You have great internal strength and courage that will help you deal with any challenge you face.