How To Find What Makes You Happy?

A fun quiz that will help determine what makes you happy. Don't spend too long on one question because the questions are completely random to help reveal what makes you happy.

Tags: Happiness, Choices, Health, Decisions

Here are all the results with descriptions

Family makes you happy. You will do anything for any family member almost at any time if it's in your reach. You love having a little family of your own and you make it a goal to attend as many family functions as possible from birthday parties to reunions.

Your job is your life and it truly makes you happy. You could care less that you work crazy hours and always miss seeing the family during the holidays because your job truly makes you happy. It's something that you have always wanted to do.

Money makes you happy. You have a ton of side jobs and hobbies that allow you to make money. You have considered doing hair, meal prepping for others, designing t-shirts, mowing lots and basically any and everything that will put extra money in your pocket.

Helping others
You have a big heart, so helping others is what makes you happy. No matter if it's spiritually, emotionally, or physically, you feel it's one of your purposes in life to go above and beyond to make time for others.

Accomplishing goals
You are goal oriented, so accomplish goals is what makes you happy You generally tend to set goals in all aspects of life: church, work, home, etc. So many people look up to you and are inspired to achieve their goals because of you.

Traveling is what truly makes you happy. You love adventures and learning new things in different surroundings. You plan to travel out of the country soon and you have quite a few of vacations planned for the year.