What Tarot Card Am I?

Wondering what tarot card you actually are? Afraid it's something terrible? Or wondering if it's something pretty insightful? Then it's time to find out!

Tags: Character, Character-Trait, Behavior, Attribute

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Hermit
You are ever soul-searching, introspective, and seeking inner guidance. You're all about figuring out why you do the things you do, and why you like the things you like. Developing your intuition is the name of your game. And that means you like to be alone most of the time! Antisocial much?

You are fair, honest, and all about cause and effect. Whatever ill befalls someone, you know it's because they did something to bring that bad luck upon themselves. But then again, that also means that you have a hard time learning to be accountable.

Wheel of Fortune
You're the personification of good luck. You are karma. You are life cycles and destiny. In fact, you're all about turning points and change, especially when done in a way that means people get their just desserts.

The Fool
You're innocent, spontaneous, and most of all, a free-spirit. You live however you want to live, and you dress however you want to dress. You're also a bit reckless and risk-taking, but you're awesome. You'd never want to be anyone else.

The Magician
You're resourceful, powerful, and most of all, inspired by action. This means you also suck at planning, and you like to manipulate people to do your bidding. After all, self-interest wins, right? But hey, it's okay, because you're magical.