What Is Your Icelandic Name?

Icelanders have strong naming traditions. Find out what Icelandic name would be perfect for you!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are a caregiver. You love your family and your friends deeply, and you put them and their needs above all else. You love to surround yourself with your loved ones. You should be renamed Harpa.

You are a planner. You like to know what is coming next, and you hate surprises. You are very goal oriented. You love to be in charge, because you know you can be depended on to get things done! You are born to be a Johanna.

You are flirty and silly. You don't worry about what people think of you; you are just out to have some fun. You are adventurous and up for anything. Your perfect name would be Brynja.

You are a creator! You love to cook, paint, sew, write, and craft--anything that allows you to be creative and bring happiness and beauty into our world. You would be a perfect Edda.

You are a bit eccentric. You love things with color and flair. You enjoy collecting all sorts of trinkets, and you don't really have one particular style. Jonina is the name for you!

You are a real spitfire. You have a bit of a temper, but you use it to fuel your competitive spirit. You are strong and athletic, and you love to compete. You are a wonderful Ragna.