How To Look Good In Pictures?

Wondering what you can do to personally look good in pictures? Then it's time to take this short quiz to help you get your personalized answer. You don't be disappointed!

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Work On Your Posture
Posture is everything. You could actually have a great body and style, but ruin it with your posture! So stand tall, shoulders upright, back straight, and make sure your tummy is tight. Then try taking a photo and compare that to your typical photo poses. Huge difference!

Aim the Camera/Phone Higher
You're either taking photos from way down low, or you're taking photos from eye-level, and what that does is create the illusion of additional weight. So do yourself, and all of those in the photo with you, and angle the camera/phone higher so you all look thinner!

Angle to The Side, Never Front-Facing
Seriously, what's our widest side? That's right, the front. We appear wider from hip to hip, facing head on. So stand facing away from the camera, as if facing the person beside you, and then place a hand on your hip, and another around the person next to you. Then turn your head to face the camera. This features your thinnest side, and makes you look friendly!

Find Your Best Smile
It's okay, not everyone can fake smile well. Some can, but some of us look like we have dead fish eyes when we fake smile. So, find your best smile. For some of us, that means having the photo taker make us laugh. Or better still, having the person beside you tickle you just enough to get a natural smile going.