How Should I Decorate My Room?

Finding out what your bedroom should look like starts with knowing who you are. Not everyone fits with what's on trend. And they shouldn't! Your bedroom should reflect you. Find your bedroom style by taking this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

There is no pinning you down so why try to fit yourself in a box in a place that's supposed to be your sanctuary. Don't listen to advice that tells you to throw out stuff or pick a theme, embrace who you are and work from there. If you want to 'tie it all together', get a multi-color or patterned bedspread and curtains and a rug that go together and leave the rest of your stuff as is.

Get rid of the stuff that you only got because it was on-trend. Keep the stuff you LOVE and decorate with it. Put your ticket stubs in a frame. Make a throw pillow out of your favorite childhood t-shirt. Hammer up a nice shelf and put your favorite thing on it. Get a grown-up version of your favorite bedspread from your past and hide your favorite cartoon sheets under them. Etc.

You need a room to snuggle up to. A refuge in a pile of softness. Make your room as cozy as possible! Even if you live in the swampy bowels of the hot South, you can still have a cozy room - it just doesn't have to be warm. It doesn't have to look like Grandma's house either. All you need is a bed with fluffy pillows, a throw blanket, a comfy chair (if you don't think you can afford one, cozy can work with a $15 armchair from the thrift store covered with a blanket), and some curtains.

Your room needs to envelop all of the senses. Pay attention to how things feel, smell, or sound. And yes, what they look like too. Your sheets and bedspread should look AND feel good. Don't clutter things up too much, though. A sensory room should be about experiences. If you have paintings up, they should be something you would want to look at for more than just a few seconds.

A cave
You need blackout curtains. And a bed that is all about ultimate comfort. A couple of extra blankets are necessary too. As well as some things to entertain yourself within reach of your bed. Bookshelves as nightstands or a tall nightstand with a tablecloth over and a mini-fridge under it. You room should be your own personal outer space island away from the rest of the world. Avoid busy patterns on your fabrics or too many knickknacks. Keep it simple so you don't feel crowded.

Modern and minimalist would suit you quite well. Your room needs to be a space for sleep and meditation so that you get the rest you need. A simple style and clean lines make for a restful space. It works well for people who are busy and on the go.