Lifestyle Quiz

A short quiz that will help figure out which type of lifestyle you have. Think about how your life is compared to others. Think about what you're willing to fight for and what you aren't at all.


Here are all the results with descriptions

Rural lifestyle
You either live on a farm or used to. You prefer to live in the country because rural life makes your heart flutter. You love seeing large acres of land with cattle. You love going to farmer's markets or buying things from others that farm.

Activist lifestyle
You love parading for political campaigns, so you have an activist lifestyle. You have most lifestyle boycotted something or gone on strike simply for the rights of everyday people. You always vote and you don't mind sharing your views with others. You go out of your way sometimes to try to convince others to share similar opinions as you.

Groupie Lifestyle
Your lifestyle is groupie because you love music. You have favorite music artist that you follow just to follow their style. You are always somewhere attending a concert or a play. You love all music and don't really care what genre you listen to.

Bibliophilic Lifestyle
You love books, so you have a bibliophilic lifestyle. No matter where you are, you always have a good book close by. You have stayed up hours past your usual bedtime just to enjoy a good book. Whenever you travel, you always find a book store.

Nomadic Lifestyle
You have always moved from place to place, so you have a nomadic lifestyle. The concept of settling down is far fetched to you. You plan to see the world and you don't care what it takes or how many jobs you have. You a have always been known to stay on the go.

Your lifestyle is quirkyalone because you would rather be alone than in a relationship or with someone. You tend to do things alone. You avoid situations that may make you end up with the title 'couple' because it's not your thing.