Wizard Names

Are you magical in more ways than one? If so take this quiz and discover what your inner wizard name is. Unleashing your wizard name may even unlock some secret powers within you!

Tags: Personality, Magic, Mythology, Spell

Wizard Names

1. Which time of day do you feel the most at peace?

Morning Afternoon Evening Night

2. Which terrain sounds the most appealing?

Tundra Dessert Mountains Ocean

3. How often do you read for fun?

Daily Weekly Monthly Never

4. What type of book was the last book you read?

Romance Sci-fi Educational Biographical Thriller

5. What type of kids did you most fit in with in high school?

The jocks The nerds The theater kids The musicians The outcasts The popular kids

Here are all the results with descriptions

Evanora Ommin
You are wizarding royalty. Your skills and dedication to things in life makes you particularly apt at learning difficult spells. Your most prominent wizard ability is transfiguring yourself into other creatures!

Jadis Alatar
You are a dark wizard. You love to dabble in dark magic though at heart you are truly good. You prefer to be alone. Most nights you cane found shut-up with a book in your parlor learning about the history of magic.

Gwyndion Prospero
You are light hearted and kind. When it comes to magic your skills focus around healing others. Your energy and aura above all is what draws great amounts of people to you. Keep practicing your magic and you have the potential to heal the world.

Locasta Ganon
You are the friendliest wizard of them all. While you are head strong and confident, you don't let it go to your head that magic comes very easy to you. This leaves time for other free spirited and fun activities, like throwing magical parties!

Bavmorda Atlantes
You are quiet and shy, though your immense amount of power speaks for itself. Through practice you have built up your skills enough to defend yourself and champion the cause of other outcasts! This makes you the silent hero of the wizard world.

Radagast Pallando
You struggle with magic that most others find easy, but when it comes to magical plants there is no one who can accomplish more complicated spells than you. This fits perfectly with your nature loving ways!