What Snake Am I?

Have you ever wondered what you'd be like as a snake? Would you be creepy crawly or strong and powerful? Take this quiz to find out what type of snake you would be!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

The Barbados Threadsnake
This snake is also known as the Worm Snake. It is indigenous to the Caribbean islands. It is the world's smallest snake and is sometimes mistaken for an earthworm. It is non-venomous and some people keep them as pets.

Rainbow Snake
The Rainbow Snake is a non-venomous snake that lives in the swamps of Mid-Atlantic states like Maryland and Virginia. It is beautifully colored. Its diet consists of amphibians and eels. They are also known as Eel Moccasins, but unlike other occasions, they are non-aggressive and rarely bite if captured.

Corn Snake
The corn snake is a restrictor. It is known for being a docile and friendly snake to pet owners and will rarely, if ever bite. They are an attractive snake that is almost cute with predominately orange markings.

Pythons look dangerous - and they can be. But they are still a pet snake in most of America. Cute, but with a hint of danger. In the wild, they can eat animals as big as crocodiles and antelopes. The mystery is, would they eat their owners if they got big enough to do so?

Copperheads are beautiful but venomous. But, even though they are venomous doesn't mean they are vicious. Copperheads use their camouflage to hide. They attack to defend themselves and are not quick to bite.

Cobras have long been thought to be hypnotic. Some say that they use their swaying motion to hypnotize their prey. Cobras are one of the most venomous snakes and they can spit that venom at their enemy!