Political Ideology Quiz

Wondering what your political ideology really is? Where you fall on the political spectrum, beyond the surface level red vs. blue? Then it's time to find out.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You're against unjust hierarchy. You're against the big fish in the sea. You're all about free associations, because to you, all capitalism, states, and government representation is harmful to society. Authority is your #1 enemy. You would be the person instigating a workers' riot at work, and taking over the company for the good of the grunts. All of you would overthrow the big guy in the office, and bring down capitalism.

You're all about the traditional social institutions that have been put in place to better serve, protect, and organize society. Hierarchy serves a purpose. Authority must be respected. You look to preserve the joining of church and state, and you're against anything radical or modern. You want the old days back. You would be the person with a very put-together outfit, who arrives to work right on time, and does all the work for the day, and then arrives home to have meatloaf like it's 1965.

Social ownership, workers' self-management, and no such thing as individual ownership is at the cornerstone of socialism. It's essentially like saying 'This belongs to everyone, because it affects everyone, so we must all share the burden and responsibility. ' You hate capitalism, where money reigns king, and stirs competition. Instead, you would be the person who wants to share everything with others, and help those in need.

You believe in liberty, as in political freedom, freedom of choice, individual judgement, and so on. You're skeptical of authority and state power, much like with other ideologies, like anarchism. The difference is that you're not as intense. For instance, a work and boss dynamic is fine to you. To an anarchist, they'd be promoting a workers' takeover. Liberalism is the reason we have things like freedom of speech and trial by jury. It even brought down aristocratic privileges.