Can I Be Hypnotized?

Interesting question! There are some people who cannot be hypnotized and some who can. Some become hypnotized very easily! Find out which camp you fall in by taking this quiz!

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1. Have you ever been hypnotized?
Yes No

2. Do you believe that hypnotism can make you change your behavior?
Maybe No Yes

3. Are you afraid of what might happen if you're hypnotized?
Yes A little Not really

4. What do you think hypnotism is?
A suggested state A psychological trick Magic

6. Are you comfortable with the idea that you will be focused on one thing and may not be aware of other things going on around you?
Yes No ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Probably cannot be hypnotized
It doesn't seem like it would be very easy to hypnotize. Never say never, though. It's all about being receptive. But right now, you're barely receptive to meditation or dreams. There may be something in your subconscious blocking you, like bad dreams in the past or stressors that you don't want to think about. Find ways of opening up to yourself through peaceful exercises like yoga or through art or meditation.

Can be hypnotized
You seem to be open to being hypnotized. It might not happen easily, but it can happen. Just don't try too hard or you won't be relaxed enough! Let yourself go and drift into the trance. But - make sure your hypnotist is someone you can trust!

Can be hypnotized easily
You can fall under hypnosis almost too easily! It's a wonder that you're not in a trance of your own making all of the time! But, the good news is that you might be able to do self-hypnosis exercises or be hypnotized by audio recordings made for weight loss, smoking cessation, etc.