Which Natural Disaster Is Your Temper Like?

Here are all the results with descriptions

One of the most terrifying natural disasters of the world, this disaster suits your temper. Just like it, your temper may be quick but it is incredibly deadly. People want to make sure to avoid you when you're on a rampage.

This storm is dangerous and irratic, just like your temper. Just like the storm, you ravage for awhile and then you are calm for a bit fooling those around you. That is until you burst out with another round of anger.

Just like this natural disaster, people want to stay clear of you when you unleash your temper. The only problem? Your temper is extremely difficult to escape.

Just like this natural disaster, your temper comes quick and fierce. People assume they can easily get away from your tenper?. They find out how wrong they are though, when they experience your cold, rampaging temper.

Just like this natural disaster, you have a quick and mean temper. Your temper comes quickly and will last quite awhile, hurting anyone in your path.