Valentine's Day Dinner Ideas

Wondering what your dinner plans should look like for this Valentine's Day? Then it's time to figure it out while there's still time! Quick, grab a seat.

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A Classic Dinner
Your girl is classic, she's traditional, so she would be happy with everything people normally associate with a romantic Valentine's Day dinner. That means a fancy place so she can dress up, eat some nice food, and sip on some lovely champagne. No surprises, no out-of-the-box thinking, just some standard Valentine's Day go-to's.

A Romantic Home Cooked Meal
Your girl is more of a homebody. After a long day at work, she just wants to put her feet up and relax a while. And nothing says 'I love you' more than letting her do just that, with one small tweak: a romantic meal prepared by you. If you can manage a nice, romantic meal, that isn't burned, you're bound to have a successful night on your hands. Light some candles, get some flowers, play some music, and make a meal that won't leave you feeling bloated.

A Rooftop Dinner With A View
Your girl is either artsy, creative, edgy, out-of-the-box, or just anti-norm. She doesn't want to be taken to a nice, fancy place for dinner. She knows many other couples thought of that already. No, instead, take some candles to a secluded rooftop with a view. Lay down some blankets and pillows, maybe hang some string lights, get some flowers. And get food from her favorite place.

An Understated Dinner
Valentine's Day is just another day. Your partner is not very romantic. And yet, you still want to do something special, at least just a smidge, so why not make it an understated dinner. Get some Chinese food, or pizza, and watch the night sky together. Whatever you choose, make sure it's casual, delicious, cheap, and quiet so you two can talk and hang out.