Which School Group You Belonged To

Take this quiz to know if you were the nerd who never missed class or the jock who's the star football player.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are shy, always observing. You have a couple friends and are not very involved. Make sure you branch out. Try something new out of your day to day schedule. It could be fun :).

Popular kid
Always have many friends. You were on all the party's. You where the kid all the nerds wanted to be. Try to make friends with other groups to.

The Nerdy kid
You are smart student and all the bullies want your work. Make sure to stand up to them and try something new. Talk to a popular kid . What could happen.

The Tomboy
You are good at all the sports like soccer football. I bet you can nail it the star quarterback well when they let you play. Try something new. Maybe art or music. You could find another passion! ! !

The teachers pet
All adults love you. Your are the first one to raise your hand. Always ask to help and kids think you get special treatment but that's not true. Let somebody else help for once and prove them wrong!

The Drama Queen
Always I'm all the plays drama club you name it you got a cut you fell to the ground and acted like it was the end of the world. Keep looking for more opportunities future actress.