What Type Of Guy Do I Like?

Are you having trouble in the dating field? Maybe it's because you aren't sure what kind of a guy you actually like. Let us help you figure it out with this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

The Smart Guy
Something about a nerdy guy just turns you on. They seem to know everything about anything, and you find that extremely attractive. You should start looking at college campuses and libraries to find the one you're looking for.

The Humorous Fella
There's nothing better than a good laugh, except for when it's because of something funny your man said. There's a guy out there that knows how to turn any situation into something comical, and you love it.

The Nice Guy
You want a guy that you can take home to your parents and introduce to your Grandma without any hesitation. He knows exactly what to do to make you and everyone else around him feel good, and you find that simply irresistible.

The Bad Boy
Even though you've been warned for your entire life, you just can't help liking the bad boy type. Maybe you are someone that sees the good in everyone, and a bad boy sounds like a nice project. Just be careful you don't get your heart broken.

The Driven Guy
Schooling, careers, life goals. . . they're all important to you, and you want a guy that can stand next to you and work for what you want together as a team. Don't settle for less or give up until you find him.

The Macho Guy
You want a guy that is all big and buff and not afraid to stand up for himself or you. He's the one that walks into the room, and everyone just stares at. You'll know him when you see him, so keep your eyes open.