What Type Of Learner Am I?

A fun quiz that wil help determine which type of learner you are. Some people prefer to engage in activities to learn things, whereas others may learn best by what they see or hear.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You learn best by doing things, so you are a kinesthetic learner. Sitting in on lectures would drive you crazy because you have a high level of energy and you would rather be involved. When you study things you prefer to be active or pace.

You learn best by what you see. You are great at remembering directions by landmarks. You may also prefer to use flash cards and highlighters at times. You retain knowledge by pictures in your head. If you see something in a graph or chart, you will most likely understand the information easier.

You are an auditory learner because you learn best by what you are. When you study you are most likely to repeat things aloud to retain them. Discussions also help you learn information better. You are able to do several things at once as you listen to things.